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15th Ukrainian Conference on Space Research was held in Odessa during  August 24-28, 2015. It was organized by Space Research Institute NAS of Ukraine and SSA of Ukraine and Odessa National I.I. Mechnickov University under the State Space Agency of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences support.

The Conference was attended by over 170 experts from 54 Ukrainian organizations and 7 organizations from other countries. Leading scientists of the Institutes of NAS of Ukraine (Main Astronomical Observatory, Space Research Institute, Institute of Technical Mechanics, Institute for Problems of Materials Science, Botany, Geophysics, Biochemistry, theoretical physics, etc., totally 25 institutions), space industry enterprises (Uzhnoye Design Office, State Scientific Production Enterprise «Kommunar Corporation», Arsenal Special Device Production State Enterprise),  Universities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Ternopil representatives from astronomical observatories, specialized institutions as well as foreign participants from Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Poland and Russia attended the Conference. It was held a Skype conference with Chinese representatives.

The Conference Program encompassed 8 thematic sections:

  1. Near-space Exploration (including the Sun, the solar-terrestrial relations, magnetosphere, ionosphere).
  2. Space Biology, Medicine and Science of Microgravity.
  3. Astrophysical and Cosmological Research.
  4. Devices, Materials and Technology for space research.
  5. Spacecraft and Systems for Space Research.
  6. Ground Radiophysical Space Exploration.
  7. Research for the benefit of Space Situation Monitoring and Analysis System development (SSMAS).
  8. Earth Observation from space.

Sections covered topics of space research performed within the National Space Program of Ukraine, program of NAS of Ukraine, research grants for international projects.

An actual space projects and perspective research were discussed during the Conference.

The progress on preparation of ionospheric satellite project «Ionosat-Micro» developed in collaboration of Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland was discussed on the specialized meeting. A separate discussion on the initiative of Uzhnoye Design Office was devoted on the deployment of small research satellites program. The situation on organization the cheking and analysis of  space situation system introduced by State Space Agency of Ukraine was discussed. International meetings with colleagues from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Belarus devoted to the

perspectives of cooperation were held. The resolution on cooperation with Kazakhstan researchers in several areas of joint research was signed. Participants interested in information on perspectives of Ukrainian scientists participation in the project ERA-PLANET European program HORIZON2020 dedicated to the study of Earth from space. The European Commission has supported this project, which provides co-financing of works selected for the competitions. Ukraine is represented in this project (coordinator – SRI NASU-SSAU) and our institutions have the opportunity to join the planned research with European partners.

The Resolution of the Conference provides:

  1. Start preparing for the next conference in year 2016 in the same format.
  2. Note a high scientific level of  reports.
  3. To consider «Ionosat-Micro» and «Aerosol-UA» the priority projects of scientific research of near space.
  4. To expand cooperation between «Ionosat-Micro» participants, discuss problems of the project on the Scientific-Technical Council of SSA of Ukraine, implementing educational programs and increased international cooperation.
  5. To support the initiative of Uzhnoye Design Office to implement the program on developing nano-satellites for research purposes; to collect proposals on the Council on Space Research of NAS of Ukraine.
  6. To approve the results of the negotiations with the Kazakhstan and Belarus representatives, and consider it appropriate to further enlargement of foreign participants who are Ukrainian space projects partners.
  7. To consider the implementation of the international ten-year plan "system of systems" for  global observations of the Earth's surface GEOSS the priority objective. To recommend SSA of Ukraine to continue implementing national program GEO-UA by establishing GEO Program National Committee.