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Information technology in space research


The current state of affairs in the Earth Observation and of international cooperation in this matter is to introduce the initiative group GEO (Group on Earth Observations) establishing a system of Systems Earth observation, which should unite models, all available data sources, as well as computational and human resources for the building GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems GEOSS.)

The European Union is developing and initially implementing a program Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES). Aim of the project creation of information systems support and making decisions for agencies of the European Union based on the Information Services Environmental Monitoring (www.gmes.info).

In the Space Research Institute has accumulated extensive experience in the development of modern information technologies for data integration of different nature, geospatial predictive analysis and creation of distributed information systems for tasks agriculture monitoring and risk analysis of disasters based on remote sensing data

Projects and initiatives:

1 Sensor Web Pilot Project (http://sensorweb.nasa.gov/NamibiaFlood.html). (under coordination of UN-SPIDER)
2 Development of Grid-technologies integrate data of different nature (with the support of NASU-STCU, head Kussul N.M.)
3 Development and implementation of a distributed Grid-system emergency monitoring for regional support center UN-SPIDER (The National Program for implementation of Grid-technologies, head Kussul N.M.)
4 Participation in WGISS
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