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The Third UK-Ukraine-Spain meeting on Solar Physics and Space Science

The Third UK-Ukraine-Spain Meeting on Solar Physics and Space Science was held in Lviv on September 7–11, 2015. It was organized by the Space Research Institute (SRI) of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine and the State Space Agency (SSA) Ukraine, University of Sheffield (UK) and the Canary Astrophysics Institute (Spain).

The Meeting was attended by about 40 experts (almost half of them – foreign participants) from 9 countries including UK, Ukraine, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Israel, India, Ireland and Sweden.

Invited papers of leading scientists, plenary and sectional reports and poster presentations were presented according to the 8 thematic sections of Meeting Program. Participants presentations were dedicated to the main sections of fundamental scientific research performed in the world including physics of the magnetosphere and ionosphere, nonlinear phenomena in space plasma, solar physics, observations and modeling of solar-atmospheric structures, solar activity and diagnostic equipment, wave and turbulent heating in the solar and space plasma, helioseismology, structure and dynamics of the solar depths, the interaction between solar depth and heliosphere.

The scientific discussions on areas for research and implementation of joint projects were held during the Meeting.


European Projects

Simulating Innovation for Global Monitoring of Agriculture and its Impact on the Environment in support of GEOGLAM (SIGMA)  

SIGMA presents a global partnership of expert institutes in agricultural monitoring, with a strong involvement in GEO and the Global Agricultural Geo-Monitoring (GEO-GLAM) initiative. SIGMA aims to develop innovative methods, based upon the integration of in-situ and earth observation data, to enable the prediction of the impact of crop production on ecosystems and natural resources. 


European Projects


EU-funded collaborative space weather project AFFECTS with a focus on forecasting the state of the ionosphere over Europe and addressing the needs of European GNSS users has successfully implemented in SRI during 2011–2014 years.


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